Wall Caviar produces acrylic photography prints shot by photographer Melanie Swerdan 

Bio: I've been lucky enough to bounce around the globe, taking photos of things which inspire me - buildings, cities, musicians, nature, everyday life, cars, trains, pigs, horses, Elvis...  Having lived in Edmonton, New Orleans, Toronto and Los Angeles, and visiting a bunch of other amazing cities, it's been a wild and wonderful adventure collecting images for Wall Caviar.  Below is a photo of me in an old Lincoln touring the Mojave Desert, one of my favorite places to shoot.                                      

Photographer Melanie Swerdan

2 Reasons why Wall Caviar is unique:

† The printing process - ACRYLIC aka Plexiglass

‡ A unique and unusual collection of images  


♠  It's one of the newest and most attractive printing processes for artwork  

Δ  The images pop with vibrancy, creating a near 3D high definition effect

≡ A floating mount means that your image is uninterrupted by studs and floats 1" off the wall

♥  Acrylic printing is a modern look that will fit any decor

∞ Easy to clean

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